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Welcome to Gala Education & Marketing, or GEM for short. We are a new digital marketing organisation, and we are an agency with a difference. Okay, every digital marketing agency is an agency with a difference. Every agency has a Unique Selling Point and what they do is so much better than everybody else, they wouldn’t be in marketing otherwise.

But what makes GEM different is that we don’t believe that we can do anything that you couldn’t eventually know how to do yourself?

We were a small team working for Gala Tent, the UK’s leading name in its industry, and none of us were marketing professionals. We came to Gala Tent as members of the sales team, as graphic designers, and as an apprentice on the IT team.

In 2017, our company owners grew frustrated with the digital marketing agencies we worked with. They saw that these agencies didn’t understand our industry at all. They wrote authority-building articles on subjects that had no connection to our business at all. As Google-partnered businesses, they spent huge sums of company money to barely break even via PPC channels, and they charged even more for the benefit.

So, our company owners brought the work in-house and entrusted our team with the marketing work of Gala Tent. It was a long process, with many hours of work going into educating ourselves on Search Engine Optimisation, and Search Pay-Per-Click. We developed our skills in Marketing Strategy and Planning. We spent time with Google Account Managers learning everything we could about how Search worked. We upskilled in Video Production and Animation. On Social Media and Email Marketing. In short, our team of six built a collective knowledge on everything that our company needed to remain self-suficient.

Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the nationwide lockdown closed down many of our target markets. Instead of sitting on our hands and hoping something would happen, we used our free time at home putting everything we had learned into practice, and the results began to appear almost instantly, with our company appearing at or near the top for all of our vital keywords. Organic traffic multiplied. As a result, our Google PPC spend began to decrease whilst our PPC revenue increased. To quote our Company Director Jason Mace - “You’ve just hacked Google.”

At a time when business was at its most fragile, everything we had learned was needed as we delivered:

  • Substantial revenue growth
  • Consistently profitable months supplying typically seasonal products
  • 50% more web traffic than the company had ever had before

  • Viral social media campaigns and video content that saw six figure viewings
  • Our highest ever positions on Google for all of our keywords
  • Record High Return on Ad Spend
  • Record Low Cost per Acquisition

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