Digital Marketing

GEM helps businesses to improve their digital presence and find more customers with a range of consultancy and practical digital marketing services, including:

Search Engine and Website Optimisation

Identifying what customers will search for to land on your website.

Identifying and resolving technical issues with a business website to improve discoverability.

Social Media Marketing

Helping businesses to build and implement social media strategies using both paid and organic content.

Identifying methods of securing vital leads and sales using social media specific landing pages

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Comprehensive audits of existing digital marketing and online presence with bespoke improvement reports and strategy recommendations.

Creating tailor-made digital strategies for in-house teams to work to.

Working in partnership with businesses to make step-by-step improvements where required, undertaking the digital marketing work on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Content Writing and Asset Creation

Researching and writing content such as blogs, landing pages and useful articles to improve search engine discoverability.

Creating uniform professionally designed promotional imagery, optimised for any platform.

Branding Services

Working alongside new and existing businesses to build a professional and consistent set of brand guidelines.

Identifying and building distinct brand personality to reach the ideal customer.

Full logo and brand design.

Printing Services

In-house printing team to design and create professional materials such as letterheaded paper, business cards, banners and pop-up promotional tents

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