One of GEM’s main objectives is to help businesses become as self-sufficient as possible when it comes to their digital marketing. If we complete the digital work for you, you will always be given the opportunity to learn from us as we go, so that you can reinvest the money saved back into finding new prospects and customers for your products and services.

Digital Masterclasses

Coming Soon

Our forthcoming Digital Marketing Masterclasses will be reserved for people from Mexborough and the surrounding areas, as we are keen to help our neighbours to learn new skills or make the switch from traditional to digital marketing to drive growth and success in our town. In Spring 2023, we will be launching a monthly opportunity to take part in a FREE 3-hour educational session where you will be introduced to the different types of digital marketing by our trained Learning & Development professional, Ryan.

At GEM, we are passionate about showing others how to navigate the world of digital marketing without the need for spending huge sums of money on external agencies that promise the world. Having an understanding of the different sides of digital marketing is a huge benefit in the modern age, whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a small business owner who is struggling to make an impact with your online activity, or you’re a complete beginner to digital marketing that’s used to gaining new business through word of mouth or an advertisement in the local paper.

We believe that all successful digital marketing begins with the brand plan. Knowing who your ideal customer is, what your competition is up to, and which values your brand will hold dear are all vital keys to finding the right people. What digital marketing strategies do, is help you then find them.

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