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Digital Marketing and the Power of the Brand:

An audio guide to marketing your new business

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Digital Marketing and The Power of The Brand is a crucial and informative guide to the essentials of creating and marketing a new brand online, for business start-ups and existing business re-branding projects alike.

The first half of the audio book discusses marketing theory and the customer journey, before introducing the listener to the many forms of digital marketing that are available in the information age. Discover the best suited social media platforms for different types of customer, the best time of day to send different email messages, what you need to do to rank highly on search engines, and much more.

The second half of the content then delves into the process of building a new brand. From the psychology of colours to the importance of a compelling brand story, writer Ryan Bracha will talk you through the whole process of bringing your brand to life. There are examples and exercises to participate in along the way, so that you have a complete brand idea to take away and work with.

This audio book by Ryan Bracha, Managing Director of Yorkshire's Gala Education & Marketing agency, is designed to strip back the jargon and business-speak, to clearly and easily provide the tools needed, to give your brand the best possible chance of success online in the early stages.

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