Business 11/22/2022,
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GEM begins Educational Services with Udemy

Nathan Lord
Udemy Educational Learning Platform

It’s an exciting time here at GEM HQ. As we have officially launched our very first video course, via the hugely popular educational video platform, Udemy. This first course is a simple 90-minute introduction to Digital Marketing, with the title of Choose Your Superpower, and is delivered by our Managing Director Ryan Bracha.

Ryan joined the Mace Group of Companies, which includes Gala Tent, Gala Performance, and Gala Technology, in 2016 on the sales team. He was instrumental in launching the Gala Performance brand as part of the Business Development team, and alongside his future GEM colleagues, his dedication to digital marketing helped to elevate Gala Tent to the top of Google for countless search terms.  

Now, he’s launching a series of courses that are dedicated to helping other small businesses to achieve the same, if not better results. 

Why Choose Your Superpower? 

We chose this title because in the world of online advertising, social media, and search engine optimisation, Digital Marketing is a vital tool for any business or brand that strives to be seen. Indeed, the ability to be able to find the right people in the right place, at the right time of their customer journey, is like a super power. A work of digital magic that is highly sought after by employers.  

We’re confident that as the world becomes more and more digital, people who are able to write articles that can appear at the top of Google’s rankings, and create viral content that builds massive awareness of a brand, will become as highly sought after as traditional trades, such as plastering and plumbing.  

There are so many different variables in the arena of Digital Marketing that it can become hazy and confusing. There are so many different social media platforms, each with a different type of user and content to share to them. Email campaigns can be effective, but there’s GDPR to contend with. Featuring on search engines is easy, if you have the budget to pay for it. There are literally hundreds of software providers offering services that claim to give guaranteed results. Confusing, right? 

Where do I start with Digital Marketing?

sat at computer looking confused

 Digital Marketing can be quite simple, provided you know what each platform and each type of marketing is intended for. For example, knowing that Facebook delivers your post to only 5-10% of your followers organically unless you spend a little money to boost it. Knowing that the life expectancy of a tweet is only 20 minutes unless it goes viral. Knowing that 8 out of 10 people will research a product or brand online before making a purchase.  

Any person or business’ first steps into the Digital Marketing landscape should begin with looking at the basics and the theory of marketing in general. Understand what the Marketing Mix is, and how a customer will go through several stages before they are ready to make a purchase.  

By getting your head around customer behaviour, and the big things you need to think about when launching a new brand, product, or service, you can immediately see the bigger picture. So many times, new businesses fail within the first three years (in fact, 60% of new businesses go under in the first three years).  

We can’t guarantee that understanding digital marketing will suddenly make your business immune to this risk, but at least knowing how it will sit on the market, where it will sit on the market, and how you’re going to promote it will give you the best possible chance of success. 

The course will also explore the key differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing, as some existing businesses may be having trouble making the transition from print or billboard advertising to more modern strategies. In his course, Ryan will talk through each major method of traditional marketing, and explain which digital methods may be not just cheaper, but far more effective.  

Beyond the basics of marketing theory, our new Choose Your Superpower course will introduce you to the different aspects of Digital Marketing, including: 

SEO building blocks

SEO is the most difficult to get right, in that it takes a lot of time and effort to fully implement, and even then, it is forever changing. However, we feel it’s easily the most valuable to any business with a website. In his course, Ryan will talk you through some of the key aspects of SEO that you can get started with that can make a real difference.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

Google ad words pay per click

The fast-track to the top of Google without needing a complete SEO overhaul, and in front of social media users, PPC is a strategy reserved for businesses with a budget to spend. In his course, Ryan will talk you through some of the different opportunities available to you through PPC advertising.

Email Marketing


Whilst some of us may spend many hours ignoring those emails that come into our inboxes, email marketing is worth a huge amount of revenue to businesses that get it right. In his course, Ryan will discuss some of the different reasons you might use to send your mailing list an email, and how to get your customers to pay attention to your messages.  

Social Media & Influencer Marketing 

A truly modern way of marketing, social media presents a huge opportunity to businesses looking to get in front of prospective customers, but which one is best suited for your business?  

In his course, Ryan will discuss the types of content that are most effective on different platforms, plus the types of customers that might use them. He will also break down the different types of Influencer that brands can work with to get their products in front of the best possible audience.  

Content Marketing 

When audiences are more sceptical of blatant advertising, how do you cut through the noise to raise awareness of your brand and your products? Content Marketing is the way forward, as businesses must actively create the kind of digital content that people will want to consume, and keep coming back for.  

In the course, Ryan will discuss the different types of content that are out there, so that you can choose the direction your brand will take, if content marketing is the way you choose to approach your online presence.  

Digital Brochure

GEM was first founded, and now our educational courses have been created, to cut through the confusion that comes with taking your business online.

Our team started out as total beginners, working for the UK’s leading retailer of marquees and pop-up gazebos on the design team, the sales team and the business development team. Our board of directors had had enough of working with third party agencies who took their pound of flesh without coming up with the results they so often promised.  

Choose Your Superpower will be the first course of a suite of 9 courses that can be taken to tailor your learning to exactly which aspects of building a business you need, including:


  • How to Build a Successful and Effective Brand 

  • How to Create a Business Plan and Long-Term Marketing Strategy 

  • Getting Discovered: A Guide to Search Engine Optimisation 

  • Fast Track to Visibility: A Guide to Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

  • Content is King: A Guide to Effective Content Marketing 

  • Socially Acceptable: How to be a Brand on Social Media 

  • No Junk: How to Successfully Reach Your Mailing List 

  • How to Pitch Your Business Idea to Investors 

Our Choose Your Superpower: An Introduction to Digital Marketing course is available for only £19.99, and will take just 90 minutes of your time to undertake, so get your digital journey started now with Ryan.  

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