Business 7/19/2023,
5 mins

Igniting a Digital Fire with Burned by Design



We’re delighted to announce an exciting collaboration between Gala Education & Marketing and viral sensation company, Burned by Design, which has made a name for itself many times over with its expertly crafted fire pits and steel creations. Our two innovative companies have joined forces to ignite a fire in the digital presence of the renowned custom wood burner manufacturer. With GEM's expertise in digital marketing and SEO, Burned by Design is poised to reach new heights in online visibility and brand recognition. This partnership aims to enhance the user experience, improve SEO scores, and bring Burned by Design's exceptional products to an even wider audience. 


Burned by Design logo showing a phoenix in flames

About Burned by Design

Burned by Design is the brainchild of Alex Dodson, a former technology teacher who hails originally from Barnsley and now resides in York with his wife. In 2015, he had a spark of inspiration when he noticed that an old LPG cylinder bore an uncanny resemblance to the iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader. He upcycled the cylinder and his creation gained plenty of attention online, leading to him receiving orders from customers across the world and ultimately quitting his teaching role to focus on Burned by Design on a full-time basis.  

With over 100,000 social media followers, Burned by Design has already experienced viral success. One of his Vader burners ended up in Australia, and that customer sent him a video of the product, which Alex shared online. To date, that single video has received over 22 million views. The company's Darth Vader wood burner has been featured in wildly popular publications such as LadBible, The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, and Metro Online.  

Since the viral success the brand has seen, they have taken multiple commissions for uniquely designed fire pits, wood burners and some awesome fireball globe pits. Some of these designs include new and improved burners inspired by Star Wars, Dr Who, Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2022, they even secured the prestigious licenses to create official merchandise for global rock bands Iron Maiden and Motorhead, which have once again put the brand in front of some huge audiences.  

However, with a website that hadn’t seen serious updates for a few years and a growing workload to keep his small team busy with the production of their wood burners, Burned by Design founder Alex recognised the need to improve the company's digital marketing strategy to keep up with modern algorithm changes and stay ahead of the competition in all aspects of his company’s digital presence.


A wood burning fire pit inspired by Darth Vader, with flames making the eyes glow.

Phase One: The Power of Words

Phase One of the collaboration has focused heavily on optimising the existing website to ensure all pages are aligned with modern SEO requirements. Ryan, GEM's managing director, has taken on the task of writing new content for Burned by Design's website, whilst updating the existing content that didn’t always have a strong SEO value.  

Recognising the significance of compelling copy, Ryan has excited to showcase the company's incredible products through engaging and informative language. Ryan aims to emphasise Burned by Design's exceptional craftsmanship, with fresh content that aligns with Google’s recent Valuable Content algorithm update. 

He said, “The Burned by Design digital platforms have loads of potential to make a serious impact, from the massive social following to the website that has a great domain age and plenty of amazing products, it’s a dream combination to have in a client, and I’m excited to be on board.” 

A screenshot from the Burned by Design website showing R2D2 from Star Wars

A sample of the new product pages for Burned by Design

A Meeting of Minds: GEM and Burned by Design Collaborate

With Phase One almost completed, Alex Dodson came to visit the GEM offices in Mexborough, South Yorkshire. The meeting provided an opportunity for the GEM team to gain a comprehensive understanding of Burned by Design's total digital presence, listen to Alex’s business goals and pain points, and give him an opportunity to ask questions about how he could undertake as much of the work himself as possible, alongside his sister and office manager, Lynsey.   

We also discussed the improvements that we felt were required to fully maximise on the huge potential of the Burned by Design brand. The conversations were fruitful, with valuable insights shared and great ideas exchanged. 

Unleashing the Power of Visual Assets: GEM's Strategy for Burned by Design

Nathan, GEM's paid social media expert, recognised the immense visual appeal of Burned by Design's products, as well as acknowledging their existing social media following. He said, “There’s not much that’s as visually appealing as seeing flames pouring from steel sculptures of iconic movie and popular culture figures such as Darth Vader, The Terminator and Freddy Krueger. With over 100,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram, they have the platform to make some serious online waves and I’m excited to get involved in reaching those people.” 

The team discussed leveraging these assets to maximise brand exposure and engage with a broader audience. Nathan proposed utilising visually captivating images and videos to promote the brand across various social media platforms using targeted advertising. By highlighting the aspirational nature of Burned by Design's creations and driving the cult-cinema link between the burners and their customers’ passions, GEM aims to generate excitement and desire among potential customers. 

A Fresh Look

Samantha, GEM's brand and design manager, is focused on enhancing the visual appeal of Burned by Design's website. She is looking at implementing changes to the homepage to create a captivating first impression for visitors and make the purchasing journey as smooth and slick as possible. With her expertise in branding and visual style, Samantha has said that she aims to create a cohesive and visually stunning online experience that aligns with Burned by Design's unique identity, and the undisputed cool levels of the products that they manufacture. 

Igniting the Digital Fire: Burned by Design's Potential for Online Success

GEM is fully committed to supporting Burned by Design in their journey toward digital excellence. We hope that the partnership between our two companies will deliver remarkable results. Through our combined expertise, GEM and Burned by Design aim to create a digital presence that truly reflects the quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness of the company's products. 

To see some of Burned by Design’s amazing creations up close and personal, just visit their website. They accept individual commissions based on client requests, and Alex has more recently turned his hand to creating unique artworks to enhance any environment, whether home or garden.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your own business’ digital presence, then get in touch with the GEM team to have a chat, either by calling 01709 911663, sending us a message by WhatsApp to 07450415413, or by clicking the button in the bottom right to chat via Live Chat. We’ll be delighted to help.

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