Brand Building 1/31/2023,
5 mins

GEM Audio Book Launches Worldwide


Fresh from the launch of our first educational video on the popular Udemy platform, we are delighted to announce that the very first audio book from Gala Education & Marketing will be launched globally this week. It will be available on such illustrious and well-used platforms as Spotify, Apple Books and Google Play, amongst dozens of others.  


With the title of Digital Marketing and The Power of The Brand:  An Audio Guide to Marketing Your New Business, the audio book is written and narrated by our very own Ryan Bracha, and has been produced here at GEM HQ in our audio recording suite using the tools we have at our disposal.  

Digital Marketing and The Power of The Brand is a crucial and informative guide to the essentials of creating and marketing a new brand online, for business start-ups and existing business re-branding projects alike. 

The first half of the audio book discusses classic marketing theory and the customer journey, as well as exploring the key differences between traditional marketing methods such as TV, Radio and Print advertising, and the more modern alternatives such as search engine and social media marketing.   

As with our Introduction to Digital Marketing video tutorial, the listener is then introduced to the many forms of digital marketing that are available in the information age. Listeners will learn the best suited social media platforms for the different types of customers, as well as the best time of day to send different email messages, what they need to do to rank highly on search engines, and much more.  

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The second half of the content then delves deep into the process of building a new brand. From the psychology of colours to the importance of a compelling brand story, Ryan Bracha will talk the listener through the whole process of bringing your brand to life. There are examples and exercises to participate in along the way, with a downloadable workbook to fill in, so that the listener will have a complete brand idea to take away and work with. 

Who would benefit from listening to the GEM Digital Marketing Audio Book? 

The content has been created with novices in mind, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs who aren’t sure of the best way to begin marketing their new business or business idea. It isn’t a comprehensive guide to digital marketing, but more of an introduction to the different aspects and ideas you should be considering to explore further.  

This is how our team did it. We were not digital marketing experts. We were a rag tag team of colleagues that had different skills. Some of us attended a very basic course that offered introductions to ideas, and then we took those ideas further and moulded the way we worked around what was best for our parent company, Gala Tent.  

We looked at the customer journey and which platforms leant themselves most to finding people at the right time. We explored the social media platforms our customers used and studied how they used them. 

Educate yourself and cut out the digital agencies 

The worst thing we have found is that there are people and agencies who offer guarantees of success by following their processes. Agencies that say they are official partners of the big tech firms so they know the tips and tricks, but they are incentivised by those same companies to spend your money. Every business is different. They have different customers, and different products, and different personalities. 

Our audio book is designed to help you understand which type of digital marketing does what, and then hopefully you will take those ideas and build on them in your own vision.  

The second half of the content, however, is much more comprehensive and digs much deeper into the idea of the brand so it is perfect for new business owners and existing business owners looking to freshen their brand up for a new audience.


Why is building a brand important? 

It isn’t as simple as just saying “Okay, I have an idea, I’ll launch a new product and everybody will buy it...” - you need to think about who will buy your products and services, why they will buy from you, how you will present your brand and your business across all platforms, what your brand will look like from the colours, logos and even the fonts you’ll use in your brochure.  

Ryan will talk you through these, with some stuff about why they are important, then you’ll be presented with a hypothetical brand that shows how it is done. You can use the downloadable content to complete your own brand plan, and be much better prepared to start marketing your business.  

How was the Audio Book produced? 

The GEM audiobook was produced entirely in-house at our audio production suite in Mexborough, South Yorkshire. We have a sound-damped studio space with facilities for recording audio books and podcasts for up to 4 speakers, as well as some music vocals when required. This audio space also has a chroma key / green screen backdrop, so that promotional video materials can be created in the same area with strong audio quality.  

We offer our audio space for hire in Yorkshire from as little as £40 + VAT per hour for any authors, podcasters or businesses looking to create promotional content, including radio ads and audio books.  

We offer optional production services including full audio editing and narration services too, so if you have the words but don’t have the vocal confidence then we can provide all of it.   

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But why should you listen to anything Ryan has to tell you?  

Ryan Bracha started with Gala Tent in 2016 on the sales team. He had a side hustle as a self-published author and was relatively successful with it, building a solid readership. Within six months of starting with the company he was promoted to the Business Development team and asked to build the Gala Performance motorsport supplies brand from the ground up.  

Gala Performance turned over more than £100k in its first year, and within two years was turning over £250k. This success saw him promoted to the role of Marketing Manager of the group of companies by 2019 and he attended marketing courses, digital expos and seminars. He began to read on all aspects of digital marketing and how to reach the largest possible audiences for the lowest possible spend.  

At the end of 2019, Gala Tent’s CEO Jason Mace placed Ryan alongside his long-suffering sidekick Nathan, and talented graphic designers Samantha and Bethany, to create a super-team of good friends and colleagues. It should have been an exciting moment for the marketing team but then the COVID-19 pandemic saw the company lose 90% of its target sectors overnight, along with 75% of the workforce to furlough. 

Using digital marketing to achieve success 

However, with help and encouragement from Jason, they used their unexpected free time to begin implementing everything they had learned. Over half a million words of text content were written and added to the website, which began to climb search engine rankings. They turned all of their brochures into interactive and engagement documents for customers to download and learn from. They refreshed all of their branding and learned how to make live action and animated videos. Achieved viral level social media engagement with their new creative content. The company saw a complete turnaround in fortunes, with the team delivering record-breaking revenues, web traffic, social media engagement, and search engine rankings, all with the lowest marketing spend in over five years.  

In 2022, Ryan was trusted and backed to launch the GEM brand alongside his super team, and they are now delivering high quality SEO, Graphic Design, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Videos and Web Development projects to several new and existing high-profile clients.   

This varied and successful experience, and dedication to self-improvement is why Ryan is an authority in what he does. The education you receive from the team at GEM will be honest, transparent, and enable you to take simple ideas to mould them around you, your business and your customers.  

You can find more information and links to purchase the Audiobook via this link.  

To enquire about audio production services, including room hire and full production, simply give us a call on 01709 911663 or drop us a WhatsApp message to 07450 415413 and we’ll be delighted to get you in for a look around our facilities.


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