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Our Latest Digital Marketing Work

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We’ve been very busy here at our Mexborough headquarters so far in 2023, with plenty of stuff going on for the clients we are working with. We thought it would be a great time to share with you some of the digital marketing and design work we have been doing, as well as introducing you to some of our new clients.  

All of our team have been busy with something or other, with graphic design, media production, web development, SEO and social media marketing all getting a run out from our available skillsets.  

Your Event Cover 

Chris and Sam at Rotherham-based marquee and event hire firm Your Event Cover got in touch as they had had a website built for them using Wordpress by a different business. Unfortunately, the site appeared to have been built using a template, was incomplete, with empty pages, typography all over the place, and had very little SEO value.  

We sat down with the guys to discuss what we could do for them in mid-January, with a 6-week plan to elevate their website to something much more eye-catching, informative, and with plenty more SEO value.  

Our Brand and Design Manager Samantha created some slick and elegant designs that would be more befitting of the level of service that Your Event Cover wanted to show that they deliver. She included more optimised and relevant imagery, as well as plenty of call-to-actions to drive more leads and enquiries for the business.


Website designs for a marquee hire brand

SEO expert Ryan rewrote the entire website to drive much more local discoverability and subject authority. This task included writing a new series of articles that covered all of the questions that the brand’s customers might need answers for, as well as preparing for the new services that the business are intending to offer throughout the year.  

Social Media and Email Marketing Manager Nathan has recently been educating himself on Wordpress and coding, to enable GEM to offer a more well-rounded digital service. Over a few days he turned Samantha’s amazing designs into a functioning and eye-catching website. The website has been transformed from 4 sparse pages into 29 pages of information and CTAs that are much easier on the eye.  

Finally, our Media Production manager Beth has created a series of social media ads which will ultimately direct to some specific, mobile-friendly landing pages intended to drive leads for the business. With 2 weeks left to go on the job, we are way ahead of schedule, illustrating the efficiency and skill of our team, which works great together.

Digital Brochure

MAC Metalcraft 

After a successful first job for Yorkshire’s premium fire and stove manufacturer, where we created a series of professional assets for their new Ecoflame range of eco-friendly woodburning and multifuel stoves, MAC Metalcraft returned to GEM to ask us to create something for their new-for-2023 range of stoves and electric fires. The Symphony Range had a jewel in its crown, with the Symphony Solo 5 stove, which is entirely British-made, and comes with some of the strongest test-results possible for a stove, in terms of eco-friendliness.  

This job primarily belongs to Samantha and Bethany, who together have so far created brand new leaflets and brochures, website concept designs and phenomenal sales videos that the team will share across social media and to their network of clients in the fire and stove industry.  

We also use our great network of strategic partners to offer an all-round service to our clients, providing competitively priced printed products, such as leaflets, brochures, and more recently cling stickers for MAC Metalcraft for their huge selection of luxurious stoves and electric fire suites.  

Website concept artwork and a matching leaflet

Rrells Cleaning Agency 

We were delighted to welcome Pat and Erin as guests of ours here at GEM HQ, as they are currently renting one of our upstairs offices here in our huge building. Rrells Cleaning Agency is a brand-new business that comes as the natural growth progression of Rrells Cleaning Services, which was established in 2016.  

The ladies came to us to ask for help with launching their digital presence for the new business, including design of a new business logo, social media set-up, and creating a new website to help to drive enquiries and highlight the level of service they deliver.  

We quickly got to work, with Beth working with the RCA team to create a stylish new company logo that would be used across all of their platforms. She created several versions of the new RCA logo that could be optimised for any purpose, including on social media, outbound emails, and other applications. Beth created a wordmark logo, and an alternative, shortened lettermark logo to ensure that no matter whether the visible area was large or small, square or rectangle, or on a light or dark background, RCA would have a suitable logo to use.  

A designed logo with business cards and a window sticker advertisement

We helped with the purchase of the ideal domain name for the business, and set them up with professional domain-specific email account to ensure their brand set off on the right foot.  

Ryan got to writing new content for the RCA website, as well as introductory emails for the team to begin an outbounding campaign (which, incidentally is already working, as they have secured a new client already!).  

Because we are able to work to any budget and requirement, we opted to build a website for the business using the free Google Sites service, which Nathan built quickly and easily, with several CTAs and some enquiry forms. As the business grows, they will look to us to develop further, incorporating a platform such as Wordpress, but for now the new site does exactly as they would like.  

Nathan also set the team up with a comprehensive range of social media accounts, which we will begin management of, so that the RCA team can focus on what they do best.  

Picture Perfect Photography 

Our existing client Picture Perfect Photography is a phenomenal photography studio, based out of Haigh near Barnsley. Collette Evans is their principal photographer and company founder, who is incredibly driven and ambitious. Their speciality is fitness and product photography, working with countless PTs, online coaches and fitness brands. They know what they’re doing, and have an amazing social media management partner in Jen Hammonds. They also work with some great video production companies, but the slick website needed more traffic and ultimately more leads and enquiries. That’s where GEM came in.  

Ryan has been working alongside Collette to create SEO-driven content that would improve the conversion rate of the website, and has been writing blog content for the brand since October. Web traffic has been slowly increasing since then, delivering best-ever monthly traffic consistently. He has also created some new proven-method pillar pages that focus on driving authority in Fitness Photography and Product Photography, with new content being added on a weekly basis.  

More recently, Collette has reported that the work is beginning to pay dividends, as the website is now receiving more weekly enquiries than ever before, which she is keen to see continue and increase as we go. This kind of result is why we do what we do here at GEM, we love to make a difference to businesses that either don’t have the time, or aren’t sure how, to drive more consistent and relevant web traffic that will convert. 

A screen grab of a blog page advertising clothing for athletes

Gala Technology 

The team over at Gala Technology needed something substantial that could be sent to prospects to show exactly what difference their flagship product SOTpay could do, including presenting the pain points and reasons for the product coming to market in the first place. So, we’re in the process of creating a huge pitch and demonstration video for them.  

SOTpay is a ground-breaking pay-by-link solution that enables businesses to accept compliant and secure card transactions via almost any channel without the risk of fraud-related chargebacks or increased processing fees. It has won more than a dozen prizes at industry awards, and continues to make waves in the payments industry.


Using our presentation studio and audio production suite, Beth recorded one of their guys presenting a full pitch and demonstration of the platform, then we took what he’d said, transcribed it and then Ryan recorded a brand new audio track with narration. Beth is currently in the process of turning that into a 25-minute comprehensive pitch-and-demo video, which should save many hours of work for the team at Gala Technology.


Of course, we are a marketing business that still needs to market ourselves! We have been very busy working on our own content marketing game, with a superb new audio book written and narrated by Ryan, which has been produced here at our digital hub.  

The audio book, titled Digital Marketing and The Power of The Brand – An Audio Guide to Marketing Your new Business, is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs, new businesses and existing businesses that are struggling to make an impact online. It digs into the various forms of digital marketing, and the concept of building a brand effectively and comprehensively, and Ryan took plenty of help from our Brand and Design Manager Samantha, who herself is an absolute brand legend, to create something that would make a real difference to those that listen to it.  

Samantha also created the branding and the marketing material for the audio book, which is available on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Books, Nook, and many more platforms. The pair are also working on an e-book version of the content, so that it can be made available on Amazon’s Audible platform. More news on that later!

An advertisement for a digital marketing audio book

Gala Tent 

The digital marketing work we do for our parent company Gala Tent covers pretty much everything that we are capable of and can achieve for our clients. Our success for Gala tent is the very reason that GEM exists, and in the first quarter of their year, we have written, designed, created and posted hundreds of pieces of content. This content includes brand new landing pages and pillar pages to drive seasonal campaigns, including a great new section of their website that’s been developed by Ryan and Samantha, which is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs looking to get into the Street Food and Mobile Catering industry.  

For Gala Tent, we use our entire team to manage their marketing. Ryan will write and devise different campaign-specific content as well as deliver high-performing Google and Bing PPC campaigns, Bethany is our video queen, and she’s created some amazing video content for campaigns as far ahead as April, and she is also the mastermind behind the growing TikTok following that Gala Tent and their motorsport supplied brand Gala Performance are building. Samantha manages the on-brand graphic design of many of their social media and web banner campaigns, as well as designing the new landing pages that Ryan comes up with. Nathan manages the Social Media PPC campaigns, is the distributor of all of the stuff the guys come up with, delivering well-scheduled and planned social media campaigns taken from the many different types of content we create for them. Nathan is also the man behind the Gala Tent monthly email newsletter, and their multiple outbound B2B campaigns.  

Website design artwork for Gala Tent

And that’s what we’ve been up to this year so far. We’re still a new small business, so there’s loads we need to do to put all of our many ambitious and exciting plans into place. Upcoming projects include the launch of our in-person Digital Marketing Masterclasses here in our huge presentation space, where Ryan will deliver free classes to local small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them make the digital switch.  

We’ve also opened our doors for small businesses and individuals looking to rent out our presentation room or audio production suite, for as little as just £40 + VAT per hour. Keep your eyes pen for more on that soon! 

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Gala Education & Marketing is Mexborough’s Digital Marketing agency. Our aim is to help SMEs to massively improve their online presence in the right way for their business. We never make golden promises of guaranteed overnight success, as we recognise that all businesses are different, as are their customers and where they spend their online time.  

We will work to understand your key brand objectives, the existing processes you have in place, and what your competitors are doing. From here, we will provide you with a diagnostic and ideal plan for improving your digital presence, creating bespoke quotations that enable businesses to pick and choose the services that are most relevant to their objectives. If you’re looking to improve your online presence but aren’t sure where to start then please give us a call on 01709 911663, drop us a message by WhatsApp on 07450415413, or simply make an enquiry via the Contact form and one of our team will be delighted to help.  

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